Kalasuri Ariesen Ahubudu

Kalasuri Ariesen Ahubudu was a poet, lyricist, linguist and a patriotic scholar of great renown. He was born at Malalagama, Koggala in 1920 and served on the tutorial staff of a number of schools such as Mahinda College, Galle, Mahabodhi college, Maradana and St. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia. He served about 30 years at St. Thomas’ College producing a set of eminent pupils who rendered a great service to society. In later times he held the post of Literary Advisor to the President.



Mr. Ahubudu set out on his journey in lyricism with the song ‘Lanka Lanka Pembara Lanka’ which he composed for Sunil Santha. He composed almost a thousand songs among which were popular songs like Dakuna neganahira, Emba ganga, Walakulin besa, Gilem obe guna moode, Athu Aga Dili Vana Mal, Senkadagalapura, Saman wale mal. Songs such as Sudata sude walakulai, Punsanda eliyayi, Puruthugeesi karaya written for the film Sandesaya marked the turning point in the culture of film songs. Mr. Ahubudu rendered an unparalled service to Sinhala poetry and won state awards for his poetic compositions Paraviya and Rasa Dahara. Outstanding amongst his poetic works are Buddha Vansaya, Kanda Devi Upatha, Ira Handa Negi Rata, Sinhala Vansaya, (published after his demise) Nonivena Pahan, Nomiyena Mathaka, Ovadana etc. Lyrical compositions Athu Aga Dili Mal and Sakvithi Kith Resa received state literary awards. Mr. Ahubudu rendered a great service to the sphere of children’s literature winning a state literary award for his story ‘Raja Gona’. Amongst his other works of children’s literature are Malli Ipadeema, Mal Paththiya, Paaluwa, Dinuma, Kiribatha, Aththatu, Mihiri Tikiri Sina, Saman Wele Mal etc. He received a state literary award for the children’s song ‘Kauruda Kauruda Den Lokko’ written for the film Handaya. Sakvithi Ravana was Mr. Ahubudu’s most popular drama.



Mr. Ahubudu who joined the Hela Havula with the influence of Guru deva Cumaratunga Munidasa, became its leader in later years. He gave a new turn to the art of coining names and produced a number of well known names such as Sethsiripaya, Visumpaya, Salaka, Sadeepa. He carved out a new path in coining meaningful pleasant and simple names for new born children.