Business & Other Names

We coin names that suit your business venture, institution, organization,
and other forms of activity.


We also examine the suitability of names coined by you or names
being used by you at present.

Names (Name or Names frequently used) of the owner/owners of the business venture/institution/organization
Nature of the business / institution / organization
Place of operation
Your telephone number/fax number or e-mail address to receive the names


You may make payment to the bank and send the above-mentioned particulars by fax or e-mail along with the bank receipt.


Our telephone number – 011 4982053
Fax numbers – 011 2726430, 011 2725979


Charges for coining names – Rs. 5000/=

Charges for examining names suggested by you or being used by you at present – Rs. 2500/=


Bank A/C No – 336200140091668
Peoples Bank, Mt.Lavinia Branch
Name of Account Holder – S.S. Ashubodha


The period of time required to obtain names in this manner will be a maximum of 4 days from the date of your request. We will give 10 names for you to select for a single request.

If you wish to meet us personally and obtain names, please obtain an appointment by telephone

Our address is
No.140/40, Kalapura, Templers Road, Mount Lavinia.


Notice – Due to the current covid-19 situation we have temporarily suspended providing service to visiting clients at our office. You can obtain our services by email or fax.