Sample Names

Qualities of a good name


♦   Striking
♦   Melodious
♦   Meaningful
♦   Easy to pronounce
♦   Attractive to others
♦   Rhyming with the surname


     Based on proper numerological calculations to ensure – longevity,                 progress popularity, etc.

     “The first letter of a name should be selected according to the birth time.”

Characteristics of a good name


♦   Suitable to the time of birth
♦   Give a good meaning
♦   Shows one’s identity and also national identity
♦   Has an amiable sound
♦   Short and simple
♦   Can be clearly heard
♦   Not being common
♦   Has an enchanting nature (quickly understandable)
♦   Does not give a vulgar meaning


Things to consider in giving meaningful names of high quality


                                                ♦   Healthiness is the most noble asset.

                                                     Present your child with a name which brings out this meaning.

                                                                                          ‣ Suvatha – Aid to healthiness

                                                                                          ‣ Suvathmaa – She who provides aid to healthiness


                                                ♦   Give your child a name that gives the meaning of noble humaneness that can win the world.

                                                                                          ‣ Ometha – noble compassion

                                                                                          ‣ Methseyaa – Shadow of compassion


                                                ♦   A name that personifies wisdom to make life successful through knowledge and understanding will be a blessing

                                                                                          ‣ Viyath – Erudite

                                                                                          ‣ Penasika – Zenith of wisdom


                                                ♦   A meaningful name with a bent towards arts will produce a man with a heart mixed with thinking and appreciation.

                                                                                          ‣ Kalaaneth – with an artistic eye

                                                                                          ‣ Miyurumaa – She who creates pleasant feelings


                                                ♦   Patriotic and brave children are pride to a nation. When you give your child a name with such heroic qualities you are                                                    performing a great service to the nation.

                                                                                          ‣ Edira – Bravery of the sun

                                                                                          ‣ Virumithaa – Friendly to heroism


                                                ♦   When you give your child a name that means protection of the serene clean environment which is the greatest heritage of                                                    mother nature you are giving the whole world a noble benefit

                                                                                          ‣ Mihiru – Sun to the earth

                                                                                          ‣ Sobasie – The blessing of nature



Short names


Kith – Fame

Hivi – Noble


Dini – Victorious

Sithi – Thoughtful

Long names


Randinisuru – Golden Sun

Sathmithuvara – Greate noble friend


Suvansethma – Mother of Golden blessing

Randilvanka – Has a resplendent golden colored body

Names connected to history


Riviaba – The bravery of the sun

Meyvanthis – Mega warna thissa


Senpaalie – She who rules the people

Ruvandevi – Gem Queen

Names with varying sounds


Senrith – Will of the people

Vidnaath – Leader of science

Roven – A different sun

Sanvin – Enjoying at will

Roven – The eye of the sun


Sumuki – Good pleasant land

Sayoka – Good suitable land

Oleena – Greate female leader

Kayara – The orderliness of the body

Someera – Serene taste

දෙ ගුරුන් දරුවන් හට          දෙන
ඉහළ ම දෑවැද්ද                  කුමන
න ම ය සිය දැය                හඟවන
අරුතැති සුභ ගණ             අභිමන

                                                                                                       -අරීසෙන් අහුබුදු-


The greatest gift parents can give to their children is a proud name that is meaningful and reflects their national identity and contains auspicious Ganas